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Doctor was originally created for having a uniformal way of providing the documentation internally at Valo Solutions. The main driver for doctor was to dogfood the Valo products and make it easier for users to maintain documentation on SharePoint.

As we understand that it is not the best experience for developers to write documentation on SharePoint, we created this tool to simplify the process. Doctor allows developers to use tools/applications they are used to, like VSCode and Markdown, and still provide the information on your SharePoint environment.

Doctor follows the concept of many Static Site Generators. These generators make it possible to write your articles/documentation in Markdown and convert them to HTML files.

Doctor is a bit different, as instead of creating HTML files, it makes SharePoint pages instead.

Under the hood, it makes use of the CLI for Microsoft 365.

Today doctor is maintained by Elio Struyf. Feel free to join the project if you have interest in.

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