The callout allow you to highlight certain parts of your documentation.


<callout type="note">The note content</callout>

<callout type="tip">The tip content</callout>

<callout type="info">The info content</callout>

<callout type="caution">The caution content</callout>

<callout type="danger">The danger content</callout>

<callout type="tip" title="Override the title">Tip content with a custom title</callout>

<callout type="tip" title="Custom background and foreground color" bgColor=#462749" fgColor="#FDECEF">A callout to test the background and foreground colors.</callout>

The following HTML attributes are supported for the callout:

  • type:
    • note
    • tip
    • info
    • caution
    • danger
  • title: Allows you to specify a custom callout title
  • bgColor: Allows you to specify a custom background color
  • fgColor: Allows you to specify a custom foreground color